Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Once Upon A Time.

There was a Princess. She lived in a city where good things didn't happen too often anymore. People were mean to each other just because they weren't alike and they started doing nasty things to one another. The Princess prayed to God for people to become smart...and waited. That didnt happen. She prayed to God for people to become happy...and waited, but that didn't happen. So the princess gave up, thinking that God was busy somewhere else making some other princess happy. She was sitting at her computer, unhappily trying to work when her phone beeped. An sms from a friend to meet up for coffee. She smiled at the thought of seeing her friends. All the troubles suddenly became less. The city seemed happier. People seemed nicer. She picked up her bag. God Smiled.

Monday, June 28, 2004


The entire sum of existence is the magic of being needed by just one person.
VII Putnam

on my way.

I don’t think I ever intended to become a designer. My dream evolved from the usual- being a doctor. To being a Literature Teacher. And somehow life led me the gates of the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. In hindsight I look back and try to find something common in all the career ideas I went through. The underlying streak seems to shout out that I wanted to do something that could make a change. Even in domino effect.

Some people are born great. Destined to make cataclysmic changes in the world; but much more powerful than them are the silent greats. The ones who go about living life with hard work, dedication and a joie de vivre. These are the people we learn our life-lessons from. They affect one person and the chain reaction starts. That way they affect the world.
That is who I want to be. To go about my work with a passion that does not need to be screamed out from the rooftops but felt by the people who I meet and work with. Who sense in me this spark to make the difference.

All this I found rolled into one when I studied to be a designer at college. I was a doctor; I could heal with colour and design. I was a Literature teacher; I could find inspiration in words. And I was a communication designer; I could TALK to people. The moral behind the story being that one really does only need good intentions and everything has a way of falling into place. I got all my intentions packaged together in a career I had not envisioned for myself even at the end of my first year at college. But looking back today, after four years of design, literature and life, I see this as a life calling. How can it not be?

Outlining the kind of person I have grown into, the need to experience is paramount in being able to keep designing and not fall into a rut. If I am going to influence peoples’ attitudes and sense of being, then I want to see what is happening everywhere. Only then will I be able to make a continuing lifetime commitment to this kind of inspiration. I want to hear because only then will I move a step forward and be able to say something too. I want to meet other people who are different from me so I can be a new me too. The day I stop wanting that is the day I should retire because in my line of work, what we do is grow. We reach out to the world in large and being the patriot that I am, I would love to bring back that knowledge of the world to teach and learn from it in my own individual way. And maybe then one day, I shall be one of the silent greats too.