Saturday, October 29, 2005

Chauvinistic Chocolate.

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when k picked these up at Astra today, the female in me roared with disapproval at the same moment the designer in me burst into applause, at an idea which i personally think will have novelty appeal to thousands of inflated egos across the world.

Monday, October 17, 2005


all im doing these days is staying abreast on the earthquake news, praying for faith and strength for everyone and watching 24 with k whenever we get a 45 minute slot free in the day.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

when the going gets tough...

Driving down any road in Karachi is like a lesson in belief and faith right now. There are so many collection camps and drives happening right now, in literally in every gully, every phase, every corner shop and school. Oh believe you me I am not wearing my usual rose tinted glasses this time round. I know they could be scams, I know they could be fake and I know they may not be worthy of being trusted...but my god, Karachi I'm so proud of you.
Every company, every institution, every group and every individual, young or old, has purpose on their faces right now. there is a spring in the step- our country needs us. There is some strength in our backbone- our country needs us. there's a sparkle in our eyes- our country needs us. We might not be able to change the numbers of people who have died but in some way, in any way we are responding to the call of help by shrugging away the apathy that grips us as nation. We are alive, by god, we are finally alive!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Calling Karachi All Over the World.

To all the hardened cynics out there in the world who are sitting there pointing fingers at President M for not doing anything and generally bewailing the fate of Pakistan, you forget that the people...the passionate, spirited people are still there, and most of us are doing our best to contribute with anything which is in our means, by either man power, donations, volunteer efforts or simply duas. We will not be choosy at this time about who can give what and why. Lets just have some faith please...and focus on what we need to do.

saba has a comprehensive list on her blog for donations to Earthquake Relief Funds.

a pop quiz

remember those times when that teacher would walk in and announce a pop quiz out of the blue and immediately, everyone in class, no matter how diverse and varied, would somehow band together as one, exchanging despairing yet supportive glances, trying to draw a collective strength in order to face something we were not at all prepared for?

it's pop quiz time in paksitan and we need to band together.
Help Pakistan
Karachi Collects

Thursday, October 06, 2005

teachers have it easy.

every day as a teacher all i do is laugh, lecture, sympathize, empathize, explain, suffer, learn, preach, realize, argue, fight, compromise, philosophize, minimalize, maximize, calm, agitate, motivate, teach, get attached, feel removed, become cold, become inspirational, lose perspective, gain respect, get humiliated, feel rewarded, do not earn enough money, get more than enough compensation, make mistakes, shout exasperatedly, ignore purposely, appreciate wholeheartedly and realize deeply and be the best that i can for that moment. all in a days work.

Monday, October 03, 2005

i live in karachi, not denial.

these times these days
people trash this place you see
and call it oh-so-vile,
my glasses are rose tinted,
my view a bit askew...
i live in bliss de-nile.

long live karachi.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

city of yellow lights and new underpasses.

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very early morning driving in karachi is quite quite a high. its quiet, serene, almost magical the way the streets are bathed in the deep golden light. there is the anticipation of the new morning, the darkness very comforting in strange sense of the word. im a great fan of the drive to the airport at this time of the night/morning so k and i felt quite excited to be picking up aaf today. i feel it echoes endless possibilities...and especially tonight, when the underpass beckoned, all new and shiny. people of karachi, new road mubarak.