Monday, August 30, 2004

En Route

there's something about travelling. the minute i step into an airport i am surrounded by this weird aura of change. oif things that will never be the same again because someone has left. or someone has arrived. i know i know. people who are busy collecting miles tend to turn cynical and tell me, try flying back and forth every weekend and then we will ask you. but i remain rooted to my stance that each flight brings about this anticipatory feeling with it. like nothing will ever be the same again. OF COURSE im being dramatic but on a sane level i will keep maintaining this. to some degree it is true in all cases. life goes on in the place youve left behind. and it goes on in the detsination you're headed to. and you are in between. hanging by the moment. not belonging either where. but yet in both places as remnants of you are left behiund and expectations buzz forth where you are headed so you remain a constant in the change.
overanalysis will get you nowhere, my friend once told me. i wasnt really thinking so much until is tarted writing and now i recollect my several several flights over the past year and how each of them meat something- some point in life...some change..some progress...or even something being left behind. perhaps im always looking to make connections in life- since thats the way i view a series of random happenings connected by coincidences only apparent to those to want to look for links and bridges. im forvere looking. to see what leads where and what was connected to whom. makes it so much more fun....makes it so much more real..and atleats im always looking forward to a flight. time for the next journey...?

Sunday, August 08, 2004

August is Here.

i love august. for me it marks the beginning. the weathers great. i love karachi in the rain, not too much of it but enough to keep the air smelling fresh. i love the energy that infuses everyone, as the negative thoughts are washed away by monsoon showers and replaced with a spring in the step and a smile on the face.
i love august because it has always marked the new year at school, when you head back with an anicitpatory butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling, thinking of all the great plans ahead , all the new people you will meet and all the thigns that can happen. i love the air loaded with possibility as though something wondeful is right around the corner. i love the way tiredness shakes itself off me when the rain starts and the clouds gather. i love the way i am reborn. ready to tackle the rest of the year with a headiness even chocolate doesnt bring...