Monday, December 27, 2004

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The 11 Do's and Dont's for a Good Shaadi Season

For a city that does not see the changing of the 4 seasons allotted to us by Mother Nature, we can proudly say we have one season that pretty much takes us through year round. And no depletion of the ozone layer is about to affect this one.

The 11 Do's and Dont's for the Shaadi Season in Karachi ~ December 2004~

1. DO start collecting invites. It will help later when you have to name drop to show where all you were invited.
2. DON'T be more than 2 hours late. Even Karachi won't understand someone who shows up at 11 after being invited at 8. Really.
3. DO eat before you leave. Goverment rules might apply in some cases.
4. DON'T forget to shaadi hop. It's the very latest in social things to do this season.
5. DO plan your outfits. After all you dont want to wear what you wore last week and risk running into someone who might recognize it. You still have to live here, after all.
6. DON'T underestimate the power of wedding romances. Smile at the cute guy from the other side who danced well.
7. DO go up to the happy couple on stage. If you don't make eye contact, your visit is not counted. I'm serious.
8. DON'T wait around for the action. If you got there in time, good for you. If not, move on to the next wedding!
9. DO look your single best. It's sure to get a good weep out of the bride for all the fun and independence thats shes leaving behind.
10. DON'T try to cover more than 3 events a night. After all, you DO want people to vaguely recall you were there now, dont you?
11. DO car-pool. There are already more than enough people driving solo trying to find parking out there. Not only will you help provide a parking relief, you will get more opportunity to gossip about the bride’s clothes.

Happy Shaadi Season Everyone! Drive safe and be Marry!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Winter Aa Gaya Maidaan Mein. Ho Jamalo!!

Like a much awaited prodigal son, winter, as we know it, finally shows up in my city of Karachi and I take this moment to reiterate how nothing and I repeat NOTHING can beat a Karachi winter. Cars honk less. People smile more and walk slower, wrapped up in delicious coloured shawls, sporting steaming paper cups of chai. The frenzy in the air mellows down to a lingering enjoyment of what is around us and suddenly, we are human beings.
Winter, of course, is a euphemistic term in Karachi. Its a 2 week long season in which everyone hurriedly pulls out their favourite sweaters and shawls (or this year ponchos) and thrills in the feeling of cozying with lattes and coffees at the recent spate of coffee shops peppering town. The humming buzz of activity around town is a consistent background score and you smile, comfortable in the knowledge that so much positive energy is right now a part of Karachi.
Winter marks so much on a personal level for me. Its always always about a new start. About fresh beginnings and a certain amount of letting go. Holiday season tends to be nostalgic, as it is, but with the return of the "friends from abroad" (yes amna, you're included in this now!), the energy triples, accelerating to a whirl of emotions and colours, espresso outings and long talks. I look forward to this years holiday season with a certain amount of trepidation, as I know I will see some aspects of my past move firmly into the future and some aspects of my future slide effortlessly into my present. I wait with bated breath, because I am scared. Have the past 27 years prepared me for this kind of decision making? Am I as a person capable of breaking out of any unhealthy life patterns I have found myself stuck in, to move on, better and stronger, hence happier than before? In the past I have realized that some of the greatest strentghs you can muster inside you are when put in situations you have dreaded the most. Suddenly you are on your own and with nothing more than that, you become a survivor. Winter is about survival. Of being able to prove to yourself that amidst the social chatter, you can be who you wanted to be by simply realizing that yes, you do move on. The nip in the air helps you walk faster, the chill in the evening air puts a spring to your step...the sudden impulse to do a quick dance step...And as I contemplate the next couple of weeks with coffee and gossip and random chitchats with my friends at McTunkee, I smile; winter's here again. Lets get this show on the road.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

2:58 am.

i opened this wondow all set to write. so many thoughts have been whirling inside my head for the past couple of weeks and the best words come to me when my laptop is not within handy distance. but now i sit here, yawning, and write this merely coz i refuse to shut this without writing anything. 3 am. time to sleep. 'night.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Two Less Lonely People in the World

Nothing like an Air Supply song to make you feel like your heart got broken this morning. What was it about those songs that fed the masochistic need to sit in a darkened room and obsess over a life less perfect?

Friday, December 10, 2004

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First Love, First Car

First smile. First tooth.
First grade. First love.
First job.
First car. First husband (in some cases)
First baby...

Its heartening to realize that Life is defined by a series of firsts and there will never be an end.(theres a book called virgin territotires at Liberty that talks about just this). I havent read it yet.
And as today I seal the sale on my "first" car. I am overcome by who I was and who I have become and who I am turning out to be. And the sheer wonder of life as it moves along, without us really having to do anything except roll right along. Ill miss you, foxy baby, be good where you go.

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Love is...

Some people talk and talk
And never say a thing,
Some people look at you
And birds begin to sing.

Some people laugh and laugh
And yet you want to cry,
Some people look at you
And music fills the sky.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Why Design? (Issue 1, Volume I)

What I have learned this week about being a Designer:

1. the client has no idea what he wants and he is proud of it.
2. beware of the words "creative challenge" especially when uttered by an MBA in a condescending tone.
3. yes, we DO work best under pressure, but never let them find out.
4. when mentally blocked, doing anything pointless helps.
5. sad truth is, you can really only change one idiot at a time.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

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We are Living in a Material World.

and im a material girl. i realized today how much of a high i experience from small everyday regular MATERIAL that shimmery new pink eyeshadow (which i dont know if ill ever use but is SO pretty) or that book i picked up from liberty that day for brainless reading (After Ever After by..ummm...ill tell you guys later). I so get a kick out of knowing there's something new ive come home with. im unashamedly admitting that the newness of things is a HIGH. i bought my very first laptop today. all the fancy shmancy stuff. 3.2 Ghz and 80 GB and dvd and all...before i bought it i kept deliberating...was it me or not? was i ready to be a laptoppy-human-being? one who moves with her work? was it important enough in life to actually consider owning something that is for..well..important people? all the questions flew out of my head the minute i saw the machine. it was RED. there are moments in life when the decision is taken out of one's hands and the Higher Powers take over.
its 5am...and i cant sleep. im so excited. its like a blank canvas...waiting for me to brand it with designs and thoughts and writings which are purely me. already it exudes a vibe that i can recognize, a vibe that is familiar in its zing...and i feel the creative speak reignite...and anticipation tingle all the way down to my toes.