Thursday, June 30, 2005

Year of the Blog

It has been a year since I started blogging and dragged almost everyone I knew into blogworld. I have read some fabulous blogs, learnt some wonderful things, realized some very fundamental things about myself and on some basic level, started writing with the intent of sharing once again. Here's to the next year. Happy Blogging!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Mumbai Life Lessons.

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good-looking signage is important. they add style, smartness, depth and character to a city and also help people know that the airport is more than in the general northern direction from zamzama.

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no doubt we all love our city. but how much exactly? and what are we doing to it? more tasty circles? more gulgee roundabouts?

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i loved the idea of a pavement gallery, where people could share their artistic expressions, saunter along and simply absorb in the wonderful atmospehere. maybe we all need to relax over something more than a cup of coffee at espresso?

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to make someone stare at a billboard, a nose to nose portrait of a womans face is not necessary. sometimes, it actually makes sense to appeal to the mass intelligence. i wonder if the people in the building minded this or not.

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the orange in india really struck me. especially juxtaposed against the mighty grey and white of the Taj hotel. so much relief to the eyes to see architecture that doesnt bruise and torture the skyline.

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dekh magar pyar se vs women empowerment? the difference in messages is reflected in attitudes also, i realized as we, the six mumbai girls auto-ed our way back from the cinema at 2 am.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


the india we read about and see in the papers is so different from the india you see while walking down chowpatty. its realer, dirtier, smellier, more tangible. you can actually feel the movies here. one every road on every wall theres a story of some actor having done this or that. the past day of having been in mumbai has been a total complete visual overdose. from the gleaming shining multiplexes to the dank dirty streets, it assaults your sense. a veritable contradiction of existence. too uch to see, too much to do seems to be the song for the enxt week.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

i cant say no.

i am not a workaholic. atleast i dont think so. i enjoy a stretch of uselessness as much as the next person. but sometimes work and i have a rolling down the hill relationship. i WANT to stop but i cant because the momentum that has built up is too addictive, too out of my control and it seems simply too overwhelming to pull the brakes.

i know its time i should stop working to find some time out for myself and recap but work keeps coming and i keep saying sure i can do it. i can. and i love it. but still, theres a time to stop.
is it because we set fake limits for ourselves to fool us and we actually know we can manage even more? that the invisible cut off line extends more than we let the world see? or is it that work (when going well) becomes our lifeline, something that gives you a consistent pat on the back and reassurance that you are worth something...that you know something and that feel-goodness is irreplaceable?

Monday, June 06, 2005

bunty aur babli.

sometimes suddenly theres a movie soundtrack that just adds a bit of dance to life...suddenly your trudging steps are happy skips and you sit at your computer, working, but your head bobs to an aniticipatory beat. of something slightly magic about to happen. as mars very aptly says its the "just the right amount of amitabh flavour and funk". listening to bunty aur babli, im amazed how a simple song can alter the outlook and add the zsa zsa zu (another hussy trade marked term) to the recent tedium and crazy mad hatter pace...
yaaaay i love new happy pointless songs in life. bring 'em on!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

the india trip.

and after delays and drama and visa issues and what not, it looks like we will finally be leaving on saturday for a week in mumbai, inshallah.
dhan-ne-waad, india.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

soaring temperatures cause madness.

Is it a case of massive heatsroke or is someone in Karachi trying to get a laugh out of its wilting citizens after the past few days of renewed tension and strikes?
Being driven past Do Talwar, more famously Tasty Circle now, I happened to glance up and there I saw, in bright colours for the world to see, a billboard proclaiming "Happy Birthday My Wild Man. Your Goose Misses You!"
Images of Goose from Top Gun sparred with images of George (from the Jungle) as i helplessly gave into the much needed laughter.
Welcome to Karachi, City of the Madcaps.