Sunday, July 30, 2006

me in my bubble-

A few days ago, someone who is a friend of a friend added me on msn to "ask me a question". The I-need-your-take-on-something technique is one that I cannot resist. He exchanged a few necessary pleasantries and then asked what I thought of the Lebanon crisis- and the Hezbollah stance. Since this person is more or less a stranger, I doctored my vehement response (reserved for friends and people who shall not judge me) into something tamer- and replied in perhaps what is the usual indignation, about how sad the whole thing. How the world feels helpless. Banal response I realized, but why would I get into an intense discussion with someone random, right?

He snickered. Online. Dont ask how I know. He just did, and then he says, "Figured not much would penetrate into your artsy fartsy world of make believe." I could have had a million responses to him and his impression of my world- but I calmly decided that someone I have perhaps SEEN only once in my life is not worth it. That I will not let someone who barely knows me or my environment pass a comment on how I live my life and what issues I am concerned with. I just informed him that I don't think I want to continue a conversation with someone who has a brain the size of a pea with a vision to match and promptly blocked him.

So if we are not out there shouting about how much we care about Lebanon, we don't care? If we are not rioting, then the cartoons didn't bother us? If we don't stone KESC, we have no desire to change the society? If we buy fuel for the generator, then the misery of 12 lightless hours doesn't bother us? Someone who must have been wise once said that sometimes in times of trouble, pain and strife, the best thing one can do is not be part of the noise, but be part of the silence instead and go one living as honestly, truly and purely as you can. And in that silence pray for better times to come.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I don't believe people who say they are too busy-
I don't believe I understand people who say they have no time-
I don't even believe people who say they try hard-
If you truly truly want to do something...anything,
Not even fire-eating dragons will stand in your way.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pre-Vacation Reminders To Myself.

1. Leave all works worries behind physically- throw them out of the window if you must. You are not a bad person for abandoning work. You are merely a very exhausted person who needs this holiday to further go on with life sanely.

2. Don't stress about what will happen while you are away. If they muck up an artwork, then so be it. It was meant to be mucked. You are not responsible and you have to let go at some point.

3. Be selfish. Make it about yourself. Lounge lazily and indulge inhibitedly. Be wild. Be someone else. Be the other you. Anything really that adds a skip to your step again.

4. Go for some serious retail therapy. Sometimes even looking at stuff you might like to buy is therapeutic. Stare at it deeply and longingly. Perhaps k will buy it for you anyways.

5. Absorb the greens with your eyes. Soak them in before you get back to dusty ol karachi. Eat them up visually so that you are stocked well till the next holiday.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

oh i wish.

so many wishes.
so very little time.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

travel traditions

One of my favourite travel traditions is to take a middle-of-the-road picture wherever I go- the more dangerously exotically fun the place or the road, the better the impact of course. I am happy to say I have quite a few already- and on this trip I actually managed a middle of the railtracks moment also. Just haven't had a chance to upload it yet. Soon. Soon. This is in Kandy, at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


all the forces
in the universe
in various ways
to inform you

Saturday, July 01, 2006

a front seat of the best kind.